Union Pacific Grants Tower yard
Rail-Served Warehouse Greenspace
SLGW Shop and Yard Office

1891 Locomotive storage building, crew office and operations office at approximately 1200 west south temple street Salt Lake City Utah 84116

SLGW East Yard and Transload Tracks

Six tracks of which one track is UP inbound, track two is UP outbound, track three is BN Inbound, track four is BN outbound tack 5 is transload track and track six is house track

SLGW Mainline at 100 S 1200 West

The east end of the SLGW mainline which extends approximately 16 miles all located in Salt Lake City Utah

SLGW Buenavista Station and Transload Tracks

22 car improved transload facility with fire protection and paved roads accessible by vehicles from 2650 east, Salt Lake City the site also includes a run around track.

SLGW Airport Siding Storage Track

20 car storage track at approximately 500 south 4000 west, Salt Lake City this track could be extended another 1500 feet on existing right of way

SLGW Wilcken Siding Storage or Transload Track

This is a 15-car semi improved track for the storage, or transloading of nonflammable materials accessible by road at 5000 west and 5400 west Salt Lake City this track could be improved for the transload of certain flammables but not combustibles

SLGW WYE Siding Transload or Storage Track

This is a newly constructed fully improved transload track with fire protections and a capacity of 22 railcars and accessible from Apollo road and 5600 west Salt Lake City this track is for both flammable and nonflammable but not combustibles

SLGW WYE into Salt Lake International Center

Transfer point from freight from SLGW mainline to the WYE siding to the storage and transload tracks to the west and to the Salt Lake International Center to the north

SLGW Storage and Transloading Tracks

This is a 12 track, 400 car storage facility of which certain tracks can be modified for transloading. Additional construction is underway which will have a total 700 car capacity when completed in spring 2017

SLGW Macomb Junction Storage and Transload Tracks

This is a 4 track 36 car capacity storage and transload site just west of the SLGW east yard

Union Pacific Mainline
Union Pacific Salt Lake Intermodal Yard
Union Pacific North Yard
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