The Salt Lake, Garfield & Western Railway Company (SLGW) was formed in 1891 with local and regional rail lines serving the Salt Lake City valley. In continuous operations for over 125 years, today is a Class III short line railroad company that serves the local rail transfer, rail storage and rail-served warehouse requirements of a wide range of customers who are moving commodities into and out of the Greater Salt Lake City area. With 16 miles of track and numerous facilities located in the center of Utah’s industrial corridor, SLGW is strategically located within the northwest quadrant of Salt Lake City. This puts our facilities and services adjacent to interstate rail lines, major north-south and east-west interstate highways, and the Salt Lake International Airport. As a short line railroad, SLGW is dual served with handling carrier agreements in place with Burlington Northern Santa Fe (BNSF) and Union Pacific Class 1 mainline interstate railroads.

SLGW’s infrastructure and facilities as well as its diverse services make it a key player in attracting rail-served customers and industrial development to the Salt Lake City area.

SLGW prides itself on exemplary customer service with a long history of reliability and professionalism, which is why customers from across the U.S. trust SLGW to provide its local rail service needs.